Are you a Conscious Company

looking for bookkeeping and advisory services?

Taking your Conscious Coaching and Consulting business to the next level can be a struggle.

      • How do I keep track of all the online payments and invoicing?
      • How do I deal with inconsistent monthly revenue?
      • Am I missing out on tax deductions and overpaying taxes?
      • How can I increase my profit and cash flow?
      • Can I afford to outsource?
      • My income is growing so why don’t I feel like I have more money?
woman working
woman working

That’s why we specialize in providing bookkeeping and advisory services to Conscious Entrepreneurs.

Our mission is to improve your accounting processes and maximize your profit. We use our proven three-part methodology to take your business to the next level.

Our Three Step Methodology


Get Clean

If you want to grow your business then we’ll need to get your foundation set. We’ll get your books set up, caught up, and cleaned up so you can be sure your finances are organized and accurate.

If needed, we implement new processes to streamline your systems and prepare your company for growth. Knowing your books are being well managed creates time and space for you to devote to other priorities.


Get Clear

Now that we have your foundations in place, we can provide you with information rich data and reports. Up-to-date and comprehensive reports give you clarity on the performance of your business. You can rely on real information, not just your gut, when making your next financial decisions.


Get Growing

It’s time to take your business to the next level! With your foundations and reporting set, we can now advise you on what is needed to increase your company’s profits and performance. We manage everything and give you specific action steps to stay on track and help your business grow.

Kind Words from Clients

Carla Reeves

Carla Reeves Coaching

I have full confidence that she has her eyes on the numbers in my business and she is going to bring to my attention anything that looks a little funky. You have somebody on your team who’s invested in you growing and evolving.

Kate Kordsmeier

Success With Soul

I’ve always been pretty good with money myself. I’m a very organized person so when I started getting her help with the books, it was so much more about just being able to hand it off to somebody that I trusted and know that it would be done well and correctly. Delegating your bookkeeping to someone you trust frees you to concentrate on the things that are important to you and your business.

It gave me the confidence I needed to create more opportunities for myself. She’s kind, caring and things like my experience with financial professionals in the past is cold, mansplaining, it’s a very different vibe. She’s knowledgeable, educated, and amazing but she also brings this soulful, spiritual element to it that I feel is missing in that world and is so needed and it just resonated with me a lot.

Kristin Hadley

Soulful Abundance with Kristin Hadley

I historically hate bookkeeping and I was avoiding accounting personally and in business.  I knew that I needed to get my ducks in a row.  Kelly explained things to me in a way that no one ever had before.  It makes managing your money easy with the support of a bookkeeper who explains things in a way that you can understand.

I began owning the fact that I deserved to be taken care of around my money.  Kelly creates the space in her work for the client to be authentic and vulnerable to get real with themselves.  Show respect for yourself, your business, and your family by getting a handle on your bookkeeping.

About Us

We work with purpose-driven entrepreneurs who find the financial part of their business completely overwhelming. We provide them with the tools they need to take charge of their finances, ease their money worries, grow healthy and profitable conscious businesses and—ultimately—gain the freedom to focus on what they truly love.

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